Misophonia As Kids Age

Parents may be concerned that their child with misophonia will not grow up to live a normal life, and won’t be able to focus in school, or receive a conventional education. Parents can rest assured reading the following stories from High School students, as well as the following articles listed. As persons with misophonia grow, if they utilize their coping skills they can maintain a normal and fulfilled life. At the bottom, you will find links to other life stages of sufferers that you may be curious of.

Misophonia is not a life sentence, it is merely a part of your child’s life that can be maintained.

While there are various life challenges, this does not mean that life stages are not possible. Your child can learn coping techniques, work with OT and other professionals, and learn to embrace their uniqueness! There is also great hope for a potential treatment, and involvement in research and advocacy can help both you and your child to



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